OK, I went to Unadilla so yes I am special.

Well it’s the short bus kind of special, but hey i‘m good with it.     

Yep, we got to crank out another design for this year's race.

we got to crank out another design for this year’s race.

So I have a insane new vintage bike that my SoCal brothers worked on for a year. I figured with all their chest beating i’d have to do nothing but pour in some fuel and ride it. So my plan was to just load up my crap throw the bike in the truck and head up to Ohio to pick my buddy Rob. This would be the first time I ever did this if memory serves me correct …   “until”

My Unadilla Thrilla Bike ( it's brand "F'n" New / Old ! )

Like a beautiful woman, this bike is a pain in the ass.

     I decided to take my “new” bike out to a South East VMX race a week before in Alabama to run it in and found out it was kind of a turd. I mean the workmanship was cool but when I tried to shove it into first (which I think whined about in the last post) it wouldn’t go in. I mean I figure if you push down on the shifter 8 or 9 times and get zero results either your riding a goofy British bike or something’s wrong. It would go into first after you put in second and rode it around  but that wasn’t going to get it on the starting line. Anyway this race wasn’t important except it would give me the chance to shake the bike down and see what might/did fall off and what I needed to hammer on before driving 17 hours to New York.  


Look at the shocks, do you see a spring ???

 Second on the shhh “hit parade” was the gearing it was horrible my grandma could come off the line in heels faster.  All I could think of this isn’t going to work anywhere except Bonneville and I wasn’t going there. 

When I got the bike in first I thought it was in second or third it had no low end power. A friend who I get Maico parts from told me going down one on the countershaft was like bumping it up 4 on the rear sprocket. He swore running 12/56 would be the cure all and would give me the snap I needed. Wunderbar ! “German for kick ass”. So like any racer I said “send um”. In the “Racer Logic” hand book on page 52 it recommends “when in doubt spend more money”, umm makes sense.

We have one of these with your name on it. I literally mean "YOUR NAME" customize your T @ Jake's

We have one of these with your name on it. I literally mean “YOUR NAME” customize your T @ Jake’s

   Canadian guy’s love this shirt just ask Oscar from Team Schnitzel Midgets.

So when I got home I started going thru my 74 and doing all the things I needed to get it dialed in. Change the preload on the shocks, change the fork oil and height, re-jet the carb put the new sprockets on and set the bars and levers. And tighten, tighten and retighten all the bolts. Maico’s love to prove you’re a pussy when it comes to being able to crank those bolts on. Yeah it’s ready ! … mmmm i hope ?



Don’t think of it as a back up bike it’s more like a rolling parts bin.

And that would be another MaicoSo I had planned on going to dinner with my wife and getting to bed early. But around 6:30pm I decided I need to put my 77 together just in case the new one takes a dump so the weekend wouldn’t be a total wash. So I run upstairs to change my clothes and take a leak and while i’m washing my hands I look in the mirror and can hardly recognize the dumbass who is staring back at me. 

( I swear i’m taking up knitting after this race).

So I go down to the shop and roll the chassis over to where the lighting is the best and then to my work bench where I have the bottom end. I grab the cylinder, piston and get ready to slap it on i’m just trying to time manage this insanity as best as I can. So I look at the cylinder and figure before I put it on I should clean up the carbon on the exhaust port so I break out the Dremel and spend 20 minutes + doing that. Then I figure I need to clean the top of the piston because it’s crapped up also (it doesn’t need it i’m just nuts). I throw the jug on and then decide while i’m in the “zone” (as in twilight) to hand cut the dome on the cylinder head because I remember seeing a photo of one done on a lathe that supposedly worked better, not by hand on a lathe ! “I need to be medicated”.

The motor is a part on the bench. It's one of my all time favorite bikes

So I get the motor into the chassis and get everything else ironed out it’s ready to go and it’s only about 10:45 pm which means i’ll get 5 hours of sleep.The only thing to do now is make sure it’s got spark and I spend the next hour + changing plugs, plug wires, ignition and still can’t see any spark.

At this point I figure screw it i’m going to bed.




Behind every good man is a woman … just waiting to push them off a cliff

While I was sleeping my wife loaded up my truck and woke me at 2 am and said “hey it’s 9 am your running late you gotta go !!! ”  I said it’s really dark out are you sure it’s 9 ?  yeah there’s a solar eclipse happening right now your gonna be late getting to Rob’s let’s get a move on it. I’m so spent I can hardly stand up but I take my marching orders and get into the shower. I make a cup of coffee and look out the window and from the streetlight I can see my bikes in the bed of the truck and i’m like “what the hell ???”. 

don't go away mad just ...

Don’t go away mad she said just …

  So I hopped in and sped off to Rob’s and 7 hours later landed at his shop. We did a NASCAR style pit stop hooked his trailer to my truck loaded my crap in and off we went just a mere 9 more hours baby and we’ll be there. 

Chez Roe Bay

Rob’s Hut

So you work 70 hours a week and on your weekend off you drive 17 hours to ride (2) 15 minute moto’s and then wait 3-5 hours between them.  Then you haul ass back home another 17 hours to get back to the next 70 week … GENIUS !   

part 2 next 

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