I will be in New Berlin in 1 week for the 4th annual MX REWIND @ World Famous UNADILLA !  “

BREAKING NEWS:  Mr Anus Morehose (” VISIONARY ” it say’s so on his Linked in profile ) and managing partner will be again displaying his Legumes, Hero’s and “Grinders” VMX Deli Trailer.  We are told he is offering a racers special  on some limited edition  T’s each with a unique wine stain placed on them by a source known only as “Brad” size xl only.

Prices are $30 each or 2 for $65 and for an addtional $10 Morehose will guess your weight. 

OK,  here’s what’s shake’n at the shop.

The cool stuff.  I got lucky and was able to get Gig Hamilton of H+H Cycles in Osceola Pa. to ironed out my P.O.S. race motor. Gig is 71  and was retired but his girlfriend is 23 and he needed some extra dough so he agreed to take the job.  

When he dismantled the motor he told me my brand new balanced and trued crank that I had sent the previous builder #1  was junk and wore out ( it had 30 minutes tops on it ) from the one time I raced it.  The other builder never mentioned anything about parts that are distressed or needed replacing he told me repeatedly ( it’s all good ) they say that crap a lot in California as they are drinking Merlot and smoking weed.  

Gig documented everything and sent me photos of the problems and recommendations on the correct repairs. This allowed me to be in the know with the new build. I really wish everyone would do this. I actually sent Gig my spare motor that was also built by #1 and worked like it was going #2 since we need it for parts.

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This the work you "GET" from a quality builder.

  This is the “QUALITY” work Gig produces.


 I got a lot of help from Gary Kortz @ a great resource for Maico parts. Gary sent everything we needed and there is enough good stuff to finish my second motor. I know the engine will be back at my shop by the end of next week which should give me ummmm about 15 minutes to drop it in before my fantasy departure time for upstate NY ( i’m always late to leave ). It’s important for me to explain what it means to have some be square with me while providing a valuable service.New 73 MAICO-440Gary’s “Brand New” never started 73/440 built by Mikes Racing with their GP frame mods titanium axels and fasteners.  Super trick “works magnesium bits and just totally correct looking for the day. “I’ll take 2 please” !

I won’t say who did such a crappy job previously as it’s a wash.  But I will recommend a guy like Gig all day long plus i’m super stoked to have his motor in my race bike. A little history on Gig he was the first East Coast Maico dealer in 1968, he’s a long time flat tracker who beat up on a lot of guy’s on his 450 Maico dirt tracker and is a hell of a great guy. I’m sharing a couple of pics he sent me.




One of these is Gig the other is Chuck Berry

One of these is Gig the other is Chuck Berry

How’s this for historic Gig at Chuck Berry’s home they have been friends for 30 +years. Chuck just gave Gig the Honda he’s sitting on. 

Like most guy’s my age the older I get the more I appreciate really good people. Now there are a couple of exceptions to every rule so if your first name “sounds” like ALEX or RHETT there’s a good chance your a dick if not don’t sweat it.  125 Maico Road Race pipes

125 Maico Road Race pipes

So what’s cooking at Unadilla this year Bucko ?

Dave “Big Unit’ Meakem has challenged some guy to a team race that will provide the Wounded Warriors program in the memory of Stephen Mace with hopefully 2k from the competing participants and, yes I say AND … !  the bragging rights to the best combined cheaters at this years 4U. Post the stress, strain and money purging to have the right to tell to B.S. to anyone who will lend ear to this crap ( hopefully a stone deaf family member or tree ). I have a buddy flying in fromVegas who will be racing. His name is Darrell he’s a pain in the ass. He’s you typical westcoast super smart dentist guy, hard core moto dude but he means well. If your a rightwing gun nut that hates a whole lot of shit Darrell is your kind of guy. (footnote): He loves to be hugged, so come by and lay a big bear type on him … and if your hands accidentally end up around his neck (liberals) I will stop you when he starts turning blue. It’s the law.

I’ll be posting more before I leave but here are a couple of super nice bikes we did graphics for … Thanks JT

Dino C from Florida with his killer 490

Dino C from Florida with his killer 490


Joey from Louisiana .

Joey from Louisiana .

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