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# PLATE T 1 JH FINK BSA TI’m pulling out some pics to get me fired up for next year !  

Sunset-Ridge A DAY AT THE FARM

This track is set on 50 acres and clocks in right at 3 miles long. Lot’s of elevation changes, off cambers and some really fast portions. One of the coolest parts are the sweeping flat turns that “if everything’s clicking just right” literally do feet up slides heading into them at speed.

This particular day a new guy showed up in a loaded Ford F250 4×4 with a totally decked out RMZ 450 that has every bell and whistle on it you could name. He must of had $10k+ in it. So he parks about 30 yards away from the rest of us gets out of his truck and gives the place a real hard look “like i’m to good for this dump”.

So we’re all watching him and he finally looks over at us like “hey” what are you waiting for ?” why aren’t you coming over and oohing and ahhing my crap.

I look at the guys and say whoever invited McLovin don’t tell me so I won’t hate you (at least for today.) 

So we go back to BS’n like usual eventually he came over doesn’t introduce himself or say hi and just jumps into telling us about hauling ass at all these races, jumping 120 triples and on and on and on. So after about 5 minutes of this doofus i’m the first to walk off to get ready since we’re burning daylight. Everyone else took the cue and started to gear up and get ready to head out to the track. I’ll be nice and call the new guy Jeff so he won’t know i’m bagging on him.  Jeff hangs 2 riding outfits on his personalized ez/up and then proceeds to pull 3 helmets out of his truck to choose from kinda struck me as …

“so many choices what’s a girl to do ?”.

(just to let you know i’m not impressed).

Most of the guy’s have really nice new well prepped bikes.

My bike is a solid 07 CRF 450 that runs great but just had a really worn rear tire on it. This guy get’s out on the track first and amazingly we all go whizzing by him at some point and I just happen to slide by in one of those killer flat turns it was fun but no big deal. After the day is done everyone is loading up and this guy comes over to explain to me that i’d have nothing for him anywhere else and that my bald tire was a like a cheater tire and gave me an advantage here. 

It was amazing to think I could be so sneaky that I didn’t even know it !

it’s really not that steep – well kinda

My beautiful picture

The next week – Lightning Strikes AGAIN !

My beautiful picture

It took me a while to run this boob down but when I did I was pretty stoked mostly because this guy is younger then me and trains and rides all the time. He’s one of those guy’s who shaves his legs, wears a spandex outfit when riding his road bike. The kind with all those logos on it with names he can’t pronounce. Because that’s what “all” the top pro’s do. Also in between motos he’s checking his heart monitor, tire pressure making suspension adjustments and drinking some electrocrap + vitamins concoction. He also brings pre weighed amounts of food in zip locks marked meal 1-2-3 I mean this guy is really over the top. Me on the other hand am looking for my box of Dunkin Donuts “carbs baby carbs”. Plus every break we take he tells the same stories about him winning all these races word for word, it’s a little creepy.

I’m not wishing this by any means but … if I had alzheimer’s i’d like him better.

The Pass

you can make T’s from shots like this off your GoPro and other helmet cams !

My beautiful picture

So usually i’m on the receiving end of “hey how’d you like that pass I put on you here or there, etc. but he kinda had nothing to say at the end of this day.   

So to celebrate my day’s ride when I got home I threw a pizza in the oven opened a bottle wine and told my pug what a badass I am on a bike. He gave me a thumbs up. 


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