I will be in New Berlin in 1 week for the 4th annual MX REWIND @ World Famous UNADILLA !  “ BREAKING NEWS:  Mr Anus Morehose (” VISIONARY ” it say’s so on his Linked in profile ) and managing partner will be again displaying his Legumes, Hero’s and “Grinders” VMX Deli Trailer.  We are told he is offering a racers special  on some limited... Read More

Let’s Wrap this month UP !

It’s unreal how fast this year is already going.   Round 7 of the SX series is in the books (Chad’s shown he’s still got it ). March is a week away and my Maico still won’t be ready by June for Unadilla (trust me on this) and it’s all together.   Here’s some of the stuff we’ve had our little Monkey hands on lately …... Read More


Don’t get stuck with giving another crappy, same as everyone else type gift.   Use our online designer and create a one of a kind amazing cool shirt for someone you like ! Oh and before I forget free ground shipping in the lower 48 states on all shirts thru Christmas. And the SX season is a month away ( “thank you God” ) if your considering going to any of these... Read More


  OK, I went to Unadilla so yes I am special. Well it’s the short bus kind of special, but hey i‘m good with it.      we got to crank out another design for this year’s race. So I have a insane new vintage bike that my SoCal brothers worked on for a year. I figured with all their chest beating i’d have to do nothing but pour in some fuel... Read More

Garage Life ( LOT’S OF STUFF)

        Aren’t You a Little Old For This ? “Holy Crap i’m still 15 years old” That’s what some guy who came into the shop said after seeing my race bikes.     Maybe he’s right lets’ see i’ve done it for a long time. I’ve turned myself into a human lawn dart more times then I can count. Drove tens of thousand... Read More