I will be in New Berlin in 1 week for the 4th annual MX REWIND @ World Famous UNADILLA !  “

BREAKING NEWS:  Mr Anus Morehose (” VISIONARY ” it say’s so on his Linked in profile ) and managing partner will be again displaying his Legumes, Hero’s and “Grinders” VMX Deli Trailer.  We are told he is offering a racers special  on some limited edition  T’s each with a unique wine stain placed on them by a source known only as “Brad” size xl only.

Prices are $30 each or 2 for $65 and for an addtional $10 Morehose will guess your weight. 

OK,  here’s what’s shake’n at the shop.

The cool stuff.  I got lucky and was able to get Gig Hamilton of H+H Cycles in Osceola Pa. to ironed out my P.O.S. race motor. Gig is 71  and was retired but his girlfriend is 23 and he needed some extra dough so he agreed to take the job.  

When he dismantled the motor he told me my brand new balanced and trued crank that I had sent the previous builder #1  was junk and wore out ( it had 30 minutes tops on it ) from the one time I raced it.  The other builder never mentioned anything about parts that are distressed or needed replacing he told me repeatedly ( it’s all good ) they say that crap a lot in California as they are drinking Merlot and smoking weed.  

Gig documented everything and sent me photos of the problems and recommendations on the correct repairs. This allowed me to be in the know with the new build. I really wish everyone would do this. I actually sent Gig my spare motor that was also built by #1 and worked like it was going #2 since we need it for parts.

106_1478-1 106_1477-1 106_1474-1

This the work you "GET" from a quality builder.

  This is the “QUALITY” work Gig produces.


 I got a lot of help from Gary Kortz @ a great resource for Maico parts. Gary sent everything we needed and there is enough good stuff to finish my second motor. I know the engine will be back at my shop by the end of next week which should give me ummmm about 15 minutes to drop it in before my fantasy departure time for upstate NY ( i’m always late to leave ). It’s important for me to explain what it means to have some be square with me while providing a valuable service.New 73 MAICO-440Gary’s “Brand New” never started 73/440 built by Mikes Racing with their GP frame mods titanium axels and fasteners.  Super trick “works magnesium bits and just totally correct looking for the day. “I’ll take 2 please” !

I won’t say who did such a crappy job previously as it’s a wash.  But I will recommend a guy like Gig all day long plus i’m super stoked to have his motor in my race bike. A little history on Gig he was the first East Coast Maico dealer in 1968, he’s a long time flat tracker who beat up on a lot of guy’s on his 450 Maico dirt tracker and is a hell of a great guy. I’m sharing a couple of pics he sent me.




One of these is Gig the other is Chuck Berry

One of these is Gig the other is Chuck Berry

How’s this for historic Gig at Chuck Berry’s home they have been friends for 30 +years. Chuck just gave Gig the Honda he’s sitting on. 

Like most guy’s my age the older I get the more I appreciate really good people. Now there are a couple of exceptions to every rule so if your first name “sounds” like ALEX or RHETT there’s a good chance your a dick if not don’t sweat it.  125 Maico Road Race pipes

125 Maico Road Race pipes

So what’s cooking at Unadilla this year Bucko ?

Dave “Big Unit’ Meakem has challenged some guy to a team race that will provide the Wounded Warriors program in the memory of Stephen Mace with hopefully 2k from the competing participants and, yes I say AND … !  the bragging rights to the best combined cheaters at this years 4U. Post the stress, strain and money purging to have the right to tell to B.S. to anyone who will lend ear to this crap ( hopefully a stone deaf family member or tree ). I have a buddy flying in fromVegas who will be racing. His name is Darrell he’s a pain in the ass. He’s you typical westcoast super smart dentist guy, hard core moto dude but he means well. If your a rightwing gun nut that hates a whole lot of shit Darrell is your kind of guy. (footnote): He loves to be hugged, so come by and lay a big bear type on him … and if your hands accidentally end up around his neck (liberals) I will stop you when he starts turning blue. It’s the law.

I’ll be posting more before I leave but here are a couple of super nice bikes we did graphics for … Thanks JT

Dino C from Florida with his killer 490

Dino C from Florida with his killer 490


Joey from Louisiana .

Joey from Louisiana .

Let’s Wrap this month UP !

It’s unreal how fast this year is already going.


Round 7 of the SX series is in the books (Chad’s shown he’s still got it ).

March is a week away and my Maico still won’t be ready by June for Unadilla (trust me on this) and it’s all together.


Here’s some of the stuff we’ve had our little Monkey hands on lately … !


First here’s my X-Mas present to myself.

A 72 Astro with a Sherpa 200 engine in it. It’s an Ice Racer from Michigan I bought it off of ebay for $750 !!!

I was the first and “ONLY” bidder I never thought I would get it.

I think the guy who sold it forgot to put a reserve on it … Lucky me !





We just did a cool shirt featuring “The Professor” Gary Bailey he was the guest @ the AHRMA/CALVMX Season opener.



If you dig MX you owe  a tip of the hat to this guy “Gary Bailey”. In his day “single shock” meant one of the 2 you had was blown !

and water cooled … well  that was your buddy on the side of the track throwing water on you each time you came around to cool

you off in the summer heat.  


Yep he’s a badass.



You can add “YOUR NAME and RACE #” to these shirts. Call us we’ll make you one !







Before we “WRAP” this up well here’s what we have wrapped up recently.


Let’s start with Patrick who owns Mosquito Squad he brought us a swarm of vehicles to wrap. We got to turn his Nissan Juke into a Rally Car it turned out pretty cool.

what we started with

what we started with








Channel 5 Nashville






RC's Chevy P/U

RC’s Chevy P/U


We are “FLOORED” by how popular Wall Graphics have become … get it “Floored” … man we’re funny !


We are currently providing these for commercial and residential projects. 


Here’s a quick facelift we did on some kitchen cabinets using the same material we wrap vehicles with. You can choose a gloss, satin or matte finish. The material is very durable and we can usually complete a project (depending the size) in one day with no mess to contend with after the install.


We can also print any custom pattern you have in mind and offer it to you on vinyl or fabric.    








Don’t get stuck with giving another crappy, same as everyone else type gift.  

Use our online designer and create a one of a kind amazing cool shirt for someone you like ! Oh and before I forget free ground shipping in the lower 48 states on all shirts thru Christmas.

And the SX season is a month away ( “thank you God” ) if your considering going to any of these with your pals why not make up some cool” Moto Dude Crew T’s ” with your team name and logo. You know the Monster Energy chicks dig guy’s who can twist a throttle.

Here’s a new design you can personalize with the online designer.It’s easy to add your name and race # along with the type of racing you do.

# PLATE T 1 JH FINK BSA TI’m pulling out some pics to get me fired up for next year !  

Sunset-Ridge A DAY AT THE FARM

This track is set on 50 acres and clocks in right at 3 miles long. Lot’s of elevation changes, off cambers and some really fast portions. One of the coolest parts are the sweeping flat turns that “if everything’s clicking just right” literally do feet up slides heading into them at speed.

This particular day a new guy showed up in a loaded Ford F250 4×4 with a totally decked out RMZ 450 that has every bell and whistle on it you could name. He must of had $10k+ in it. So he parks about 30 yards away from the rest of us gets out of his truck and gives the place a real hard look “like i’m to good for this dump”.

So we’re all watching him and he finally looks over at us like “hey” what are you waiting for ?” why aren’t you coming over and oohing and ahhing my crap.

I look at the guys and say whoever invited McLovin don’t tell me so I won’t hate you (at least for today.) 

So we go back to BS’n like usual eventually he came over doesn’t introduce himself or say hi and just jumps into telling us about hauling ass at all these races, jumping 120 triples and on and on and on. So after about 5 minutes of this doofus i’m the first to walk off to get ready since we’re burning daylight. Everyone else took the cue and started to gear up and get ready to head out to the track. I’ll be nice and call the new guy Jeff so he won’t know i’m bagging on him.  Jeff hangs 2 riding outfits on his personalized ez/up and then proceeds to pull 3 helmets out of his truck to choose from kinda struck me as …

“so many choices what’s a girl to do ?”.

(just to let you know i’m not impressed).

Most of the guy’s have really nice new well prepped bikes.

My bike is a solid 07 CRF 450 that runs great but just had a really worn rear tire on it. This guy get’s out on the track first and amazingly we all go whizzing by him at some point and I just happen to slide by in one of those killer flat turns it was fun but no big deal. After the day is done everyone is loading up and this guy comes over to explain to me that i’d have nothing for him anywhere else and that my bald tire was a like a cheater tire and gave me an advantage here. 

It was amazing to think I could be so sneaky that I didn’t even know it !

it’s really not that steep – well kinda

My beautiful picture

The next week – Lightning Strikes AGAIN !

My beautiful picture

It took me a while to run this boob down but when I did I was pretty stoked mostly because this guy is younger then me and trains and rides all the time. He’s one of those guy’s who shaves his legs, wears a spandex outfit when riding his road bike. The kind with all those logos on it with names he can’t pronounce. Because that’s what “all” the top pro’s do. Also in between motos he’s checking his heart monitor, tire pressure making suspension adjustments and drinking some electrocrap + vitamins concoction. He also brings pre weighed amounts of food in zip locks marked meal 1-2-3 I mean this guy is really over the top. Me on the other hand am looking for my box of Dunkin Donuts “carbs baby carbs”. Plus every break we take he tells the same stories about him winning all these races word for word, it’s a little creepy.

I’m not wishing this by any means but … if I had alzheimer’s i’d like him better.

The Pass

you can make T’s from shots like this off your GoPro and other helmet cams !

My beautiful picture

So usually i’m on the receiving end of “hey how’d you like that pass I put on you here or there, etc. but he kinda had nothing to say at the end of this day.   

So to celebrate my day’s ride when I got home I threw a pizza in the oven opened a bottle wine and told my pug what a badass I am on a bike. He gave me a thumbs up. 


 We are getting ready to fully launch our motorsports inspired crowd funding site T Spark for racers where you can raise money online selling T’s for any cause. It’s the 100% “FREE” way to sell shirts and all the profit goes to you !

Support an injured friend, charity, your race team, etc.  

email us for more info. 




OK, I went to Unadilla so yes I am special.

Well it’s the short bus kind of special, but hey i‘m good with it.     

Yep, we got to crank out another design for this year's race.

we got to crank out another design for this year’s race.

So I have a insane new vintage bike that my SoCal brothers worked on for a year. I figured with all their chest beating i’d have to do nothing but pour in some fuel and ride it. So my plan was to just load up my crap throw the bike in the truck and head up to Ohio to pick my buddy Rob. This would be the first time I ever did this if memory serves me correct …   “until”

My Unadilla Thrilla Bike ( it's brand "F'n" New / Old ! )

Like a beautiful woman, this bike is a pain in the ass.

     I decided to take my “new” bike out to a South East VMX race a week before in Alabama to run it in and found out it was kind of a turd. I mean the workmanship was cool but when I tried to shove it into first (which I think whined about in the last post) it wouldn’t go in. I mean I figure if you push down on the shifter 8 or 9 times and get zero results either your riding a goofy British bike or something’s wrong. It would go into first after you put in second and rode it around  but that wasn’t going to get it on the starting line. Anyway this race wasn’t important except it would give me the chance to shake the bike down and see what might/did fall off and what I needed to hammer on before driving 17 hours to New York.  


Look at the shocks, do you see a spring ???

 Second on the shhh “hit parade” was the gearing it was horrible my grandma could come off the line in heels faster.  All I could think of this isn’t going to work anywhere except Bonneville and I wasn’t going there. 

When I got the bike in first I thought it was in second or third it had no low end power. A friend who I get Maico parts from told me going down one on the countershaft was like bumping it up 4 on the rear sprocket. He swore running 12/56 would be the cure all and would give me the snap I needed. Wunderbar ! “German for kick ass”. So like any racer I said “send um”. In the “Racer Logic” hand book on page 52 it recommends “when in doubt spend more money”, umm makes sense.

We have one of these with your name on it. I literally mean "YOUR NAME" customize your T @ Jake's

We have one of these with your name on it. I literally mean “YOUR NAME” customize your T @ Jake’s

   Canadian guy’s love this shirt just ask Oscar from Team Schnitzel Midgets.

So when I got home I started going thru my 74 and doing all the things I needed to get it dialed in. Change the preload on the shocks, change the fork oil and height, re-jet the carb put the new sprockets on and set the bars and levers. And tighten, tighten and retighten all the bolts. Maico’s love to prove you’re a pussy when it comes to being able to crank those bolts on. Yeah it’s ready ! … mmmm i hope ?



Don’t think of it as a back up bike it’s more like a rolling parts bin.

And that would be another MaicoSo I had planned on going to dinner with my wife and getting to bed early. But around 6:30pm I decided I need to put my 77 together just in case the new one takes a dump so the weekend wouldn’t be a total wash. So I run upstairs to change my clothes and take a leak and while i’m washing my hands I look in the mirror and can hardly recognize the dumbass who is staring back at me. 

( I swear i’m taking up knitting after this race).

So I go down to the shop and roll the chassis over to where the lighting is the best and then to my work bench where I have the bottom end. I grab the cylinder, piston and get ready to slap it on i’m just trying to time manage this insanity as best as I can. So I look at the cylinder and figure before I put it on I should clean up the carbon on the exhaust port so I break out the Dremel and spend 20 minutes + doing that. Then I figure I need to clean the top of the piston because it’s crapped up also (it doesn’t need it i’m just nuts). I throw the jug on and then decide while i’m in the “zone” (as in twilight) to hand cut the dome on the cylinder head because I remember seeing a photo of one done on a lathe that supposedly worked better, not by hand on a lathe ! “I need to be medicated”.

The motor is a part on the bench. It's one of my all time favorite bikes

So I get the motor into the chassis and get everything else ironed out it’s ready to go and it’s only about 10:45 pm which means i’ll get 5 hours of sleep.The only thing to do now is make sure it’s got spark and I spend the next hour + changing plugs, plug wires, ignition and still can’t see any spark.

At this point I figure screw it i’m going to bed.




Behind every good man is a woman … just waiting to push them off a cliff

While I was sleeping my wife loaded up my truck and woke me at 2 am and said “hey it’s 9 am your running late you gotta go !!! ”  I said it’s really dark out are you sure it’s 9 ?  yeah there’s a solar eclipse happening right now your gonna be late getting to Rob’s let’s get a move on it. I’m so spent I can hardly stand up but I take my marching orders and get into the shower. I make a cup of coffee and look out the window and from the streetlight I can see my bikes in the bed of the truck and i’m like “what the hell ???”. 

don't go away mad just ...

Don’t go away mad she said just …

  So I hopped in and sped off to Rob’s and 7 hours later landed at his shop. We did a NASCAR style pit stop hooked his trailer to my truck loaded my crap in and off we went just a mere 9 more hours baby and we’ll be there. 

Chez Roe Bay

Rob’s Hut

So you work 70 hours a week and on your weekend off you drive 17 hours to ride (2) 15 minute moto’s and then wait 3-5 hours between them.  Then you haul ass back home another 17 hours to get back to the next 70 week … GENIUS !   

part 2 next 

Garage Life ( LOT’S OF STUFF)





Aren’t You a Little Old For This ?

"Holy Crap i'm still 15 years old"

“Holy Crap i’m still 15 years old”

That’s what some guy who came into the shop said after seeing my race bikes.     Maybe he’s right lets’ see i’ve done it for a long time. I’ve turned myself into a human lawn dart more times then I can count. Drove tens of thousand of miles over the years and spent several really large bags of dough in doing so. I must have the lingering effects from a crash 40 years ago where I hit my mellon really hard, I mean real, real hard. And I would gather it ultimately has impaired my ability to think clearly and to age properly.   Or hey, this guy could just be a pompous dick.     Let’s take an in depth look at this. I started riding when I was 9 on a mini trail 50  (that I rode in the basement during the winter when no was at home). I was hooked it’s all I thought about I started skipping lunch 2 day’s a week at school to save my lunch money so I could buy every motorcycle  magazine I could get my hands on. And when the ones that where strictly about dirt bikes started appearing I never heaved them I just put them in a box so I could read them over and over and …  

The KEY TO THE UNIVERSE for a 9 Year Old.

When I was 13 I saw a flyer at the local Honda shop I went to “every Saturday” for a MX race that was coming up I told my old man I really wanted to go and he gave me the green light (game on). So a couple of weeks later when the day came I loaded up my 73 Kawi 100 enduro my helmet with a face shield and a pair of work gloves and we hit the road. The race was at a place called Moto Mecca we drove about two and a half hours to get there and when we got off the interstate I saw the sign  that pointed in the direction we were to go and my heart started racing. I mean holy crap i’ve never been to a race before had no idea what to expect and I got pre race jitters without even knowing about “pre race jitters” looking back I was made for this stuff !   When we saw the entrance sign and pulled in it hit me like fat broad in a buffet. I had only seen real motocross bikes before in magazines Husky’s, Montesa’s Bultaco’s, Cz’s and here they a bunch of them even some Yamaha and Suzuki MX bikes, this was over the top for a young kid.  I can see guy’s riding their bikes at the far end of the pits throwing roosts and popping wheelies it was insane ! And if that wasn’t enough there were guy’s in real race gear. I mean leather pants, boots with buckles on the sides, helmet’s with visors, goggles and mouth guards just like in the articles I read.   I’m about to have a major seizure over this.


So we found a spot to park I climbed into the bed of the truck and untied my bike and rolled it down the plank we brought. There were people all around us unloading their stuff, wrenching on their bikes or shooting the shit with their buddies. It was like I just landed on Planet Ultra Cool and immediately thought to myself  “you are my people” take me to your leader ! So the fellow next to us pointed to a long line that guy’s were standing in and told me that’s the line for sign up and I needed to get over there. So I took my wallet with a fresh $10.00 bill in it and headed over to stand with the “other” racers. When I got back to the truck I told the old man I was # 57 and had to put it on the front of the bike. So he said he had a handle on this. He went over to the concession stand and got a paper plate and like lot’s of guy’s back in the day he alway’s had a pen or two in his shirt pocket so he drew a 57 on it with his pen and some how got the plate mounted to the headlight and it worked pretty well. They called for the first practice I got in line with about 200 guy’s waiting to go out in the next practice session. Guy’s would look over and give me the once over and I would wave at them like a drunk shriner, and to my surprise nobody waved back.   The rest of the day was a blur i’d like to tell you about how I did and stuff but this is all I can remember.   It was the beginning of a thousand beginnings. I left that place changed forever.    I raced into my early twenties and made a ton of friends, I laughed a couple of thousand times and crashed every so often. Hell I even won some of races along the way it was a very, very good time to be young. But the realities of life caught up with me.  I was just starting my journey career wise to find my place in the world. I ended up moving away for work and moved a bunch more for the next 10 years. Everywhere I went I took that box with all my old MXA’s, Dirt Bike, Popular Cycling and Modern Cycle magazines from 15 years earlier to every new place I called home. I just couldn’t shake off  “the best time of my life” and racing was a huge part of my young past.   74-440   Things change but an old friend is an old friend ! When I hit 40 I saw a 73 Maico online for sale and bought it for no real reason except it really struck a chord in me. I discovered guy’s were racing these type bikes and I got into the vintage stuff.  It was surreal as it was pretty much where I left off when I stopped. Like my first time at Moto Mecca I was floored when I went to my first vintage race and saw probably 400+ bikes and everyone was super cool it was like a crusty old bike lovefest. I mean my head was spinning  the sights, the sounds and even the smell. Yep as a kid I ran “Castrol R” oil in my bikes and when you fired them up it was like perfume was coming out of your exhaust. It was the best smelling 2 stroke oil ever made and having it waft thru the air that day made the experience about 32:1 better ! I’ve been back racing for over a decade now and it’s as good as it was when I first started for sure. If I never got that first Z50 or threw away my dirt bike magazines a long time ago I would have missed grabbing the brass ring twice. I figure for every dollar spent i’ve gotten a hundred back in the value of the friendships, the experiences, and happiness. An added bonus is I try to stay in shape to be able to do better racing so that’s just one of the extra’s.   So who was right me or the P.D. ?   Well i’ll let you be the judge. Right now i’m focusing on Unadilla it’s coming up in about 5 weeks I have a load of parts coming in so I can get my bikes ready. I will also need to set time aside for some testing and tuning so I have a good idea how everything is running and then just start counting down the day’s to the best race of the year. Also we got to do the event awards last year for our new friends the Robinson’s and possibly may be doing them again as well which is pretty cool. I don’t think i’ll ever get to old to be happy.   UNADILLA 2013-2

It’s a Maico ease up.

We are going to be hammering on our site soon ( well the chick, lady, person ) who writes the code crap is. We will be focusing on our branded apparel line that you can tweek. It will make more sense in the next couple of weeks stay tuned.         OK … The supercross season is almost over Stewarts on fire and Villipoto is riding fast and smart (which is how you win championships). Dungey is struggling even after getting his first win of the year and same goes for Roczen. Tomac then Big “Chad” Stud aka C. Reed got hurt early on as well as Wil Hahn and Adam C. two of the most recent. Also everyone likes to remember their period of racing as the toughest group and to a degree I guess you could pick moments and certain icons but right now I cannot remeber such a deep pool of talent.  Also everyone is in insane shape being a talented rider is more than half the battle but it makes a huge difference to be in world class shape. And you have to have a coach a trainer or a really bossy Mom to excel.   Bullet Proof Bikes (no one is racing a Maico BECAUSE …)           It’s amazing to think how dependable the new bikes are 98 % of the time. Think of this, both Carmichael, Stewart had several perfect seasons between them not a flat or broken chain let alone motor problems this is unreal. It sure wasn’t like this when I was a kid. I remember  alway’s wrenching on it to stay ahead of something breaking or falling off, cracking or my favorite “not starting” at the race but magically starting when I got home.    Getting in SHAPE … You dream of riding “really well’ at 50 but when it comes to training it’s like “WHAT the HELL”

The "PITS" only in racing could it be a good term.

“The PITS” only in racing could it be a good term.

A backed halved 82 RM125 that's insane looking !

A backed halved 82 RM125 are you a good fit or do you need a Vespa ?

What "works" best for you ?

What “works” best for you ?

You might be in that certain spot in your life where you’ve got the time and resources to go riding more than you have in years. And your thinking  “i’m going to kick everyones ass” in the +45 +5o class i’ve got a  killer new old bike that some egomaniac knob in Socal built for me. Baldy promised that I would win every race I entered by 2-3 laps all I had to do was a point and shoot and the bike would do the rest.  Note to self: “listening to some egomaniac jackass from Socal makes me a … yep !   So tubby you decided to buy a modern bike to practice on so you can hone your crusty skills and be able to out ride every old guy in your class.  Why not your preparing for the “BIG” win and as the saying goes “to the victor goes the spoils”. So here comes your long awaited moto chance for fame and fortune via a 30 Y/O bike (hot damn !) and best of all you’ll get to kiss the trophy girl ( yeah like some young big boobed girl is gonna be stoked to smack lips with you ). Even if they had trophy a girl at the old dude races most likely she would be some hot chicks grandma at best. File this under  “do the math dumbass”.   So are you READY to give exercise a workout ?   OK so every journey starts with the first step and that step is a plan. Think of it this way it’s not running a marathon it’s concentrating on just running from one block to the next and then just a little farther each time. And when I say a little farther I mean just that a couple of extra steps each day is how this works and keeps you motivated without pushing you to hard to fast . For me riding is one of the reasons I train, there are others but it’s like creative visualization I do specific exercises that I can actually place myself mentally on the bike and make workout’s that much more relevant plus I don’t want to look really old in my obit photo.   So it’s less than 2 months to Unadilla my Tillman-Alcorn built super vintage Maico 440 is ready to go. And I just realized that after my big crash a while back (haven’t ridden the 490 since) the front right tube is bent, bummer. I called Gary from SOCAL Maico to tighten me up on a straight tube and 82 lower triple clamp (hot setup) I haven’t heard back from him he’s really old and not only forgot we spoke he probably is trying to remember what a Maico is. I’m going to work on my 77/aw400 and focus on the classes I think I ride better in (cherry pick) and that would be the “old guy hope no one shows up Vintage and Post Vintage classes” and if someone does show up hey move back to the beginner class like my buddy JD ( have a little shame dude). The day’s of whine and roses.     All Right !  time for a little bit of our latest crap.     OK so here’s what’s been going on…   It’s March 1,2014 i’m at the shop after a long week just getting ready to start beating on my race bikes. The first pile on deck is my 78/490 i’ve had it for 2 years and it only has 2 races on it so everything is fresh but I want to dial in the suspension better. I just received my new Falcon shocks this week and are getting ready to put them on. My buddy Robin who owns Falcon shocks swears they will only gently shake my giblets in the roughest conditions, bravo Robin !.     My man friend Lou is building me some super trick 84 yz 490 forks that he does some cheater thing to and he swears it will make me at least “20” seconds a lap faster. ” WOW”   I think he’s making it up but WTF I don’t smoke or gamble so I have to spend my money for no reason on something I guess.  

My buddy Robin who owns Falcon Shocks sent over from the UK these insane piggybacks for us to test.

So let’s see I have the suspension on this one, my 74.5 440 Maico that Mike Tillman (Bike Builder to the Stars) and his buddy Mark Alcorn a crazy machinist fabricator built for me is almost ready to go ( but not into 1st gear  though ! ) .   Everything Mike and Mark did is insane ( you can check down on this page and see the bike). Next my other 74.5/440 has more cracks in the frame then AHRMA has old fat people so it’s going to get stripped down on the upside I have a fresh bottom end ( crap I just remembered the same guy did this one as well the one that won’t shift, crap-crap.)  And lastly my 77 AW 400 which needs a new topend and some other love offerings to be ready to go. By the sound of the clock I just spent about another 1k +++ USD. Damn it I always figured as I got older the bikes would last longer, and cost less since they are being raced less “file this under keep dreaming”.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Sunset Ridge MX

   Like everyone else I keep myself pumped about racing by talking to my race buddies and watching the Supercross series. It’s been amazing to say the least new and old winners back on top of the box last years # 2 guy Dungey just of the pace by a hair on bringing home his first win of the year. So this year it’s not just Villopoto and Dungey hammering it out for wins you have Stewart with 2, Reed back after a rough patch with 2 and Roczen knocking down 2.

Oh and on the knocking down part I did a T shirt dedicated to the Brothers Grim of motocross Mr 800 and Mr 801.

These guy's put a lot of love into being tools

These guy’s put a lot of love into being tools

Keep an eye on our “shop” section we are going to be loading it up with some very cool designs for sale. And you can always use our online designer to create whatever you want. Think of it as BYOB (BE YOUR OWN BRAND).

Johnny Haulass Drag T you can customize this T with your name

Damn Cool T … damn cool !

I will be discussing some pre season work out and diet stuff i’ve been working on real soon. I mean you just bought a new 8k CRFYZFRMZ 450 and your belly is almost touching the seat and after almost passing out trying to kickstart it (3 kicks you fat bastard) you instantly want to trade in on a KTM just for the button even if you lose a grand or two. Hey what the hell we’re getting older but still love riding/racing there’s no sense in holding back on the experience because your in crappy shape.

We are killing it printing  “CUSTOM HOODIES ”  we print right over the zipper it’s really cool.  Send us your art and we’ll make you one ( for $$$ ) we ain’t Santa you know.



Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been slamming vinyl on.

Renegades “lil” dude trailer

    Renegade Racing Fuel dropped of the first of several trucks and trailers we are working on for them. Toby and his crew are based out of Bowling Green Ky and are the fuel of choice for Team Rockstar KTM -Stewart Suzuki – GEICO Honda. 

Not too shabby !

Two Old Hippies kicked my Ass (I’m not as tough as I used to be). Two Old Hippies a very cool clothing / lifestyle store in Nashville that we do some screenprinting for mentioned to us they were going to get a box truck and make a mobile store out of it.  I said ” hey I can help you find a truck ” and build and interior and wrap it and … and I talk too much .

Turn the "SN"  into "CR" and you'll know how we felt when this was over !

Turn the “SN” into “CR” and you’ll know how we felt when this was over !



Tinker and Trixie stopped by to “bust our” oops applaud our great work

beginning of the end


Here’s some spy photos of the ULTIMATE 50+ Vintage Maico being built by Mike Tillman and Mark Alcorn. Lot’s of cool – cool – cool stuff . Mike  has built Lackey’s vintage CZ’s for years and say’s his secret is he builds each bike in a candle lit workshop while wearing only a thong with “Alex Morehose’s” picture pinned to it.  WOW dude !      Here’s one of our new projects 15 of these trucks and 6 semi trailers to wrap as of last count we have a bunch left to do. Purity Dairies are a huge company who provide a lot of folks with a good job in Nashville and several other states.  Next time you pass thru Tennessee try some and tell the locals Billy Sheppard is your buddy. BBQ anyone ?  Jim N Nicks a great place to make a pig of yourself,  really I mean it … really.   RC Components is a “GREAT” company Rick Ball the owner is a true American success story. Not only is it cool wrapping his trucks but the guy makes an “insane” fish taco ! RC Little stuff We’ve done 2 semis and this trailer for Holley a guy named Ellis who is a designer there is dreaming of kicking my ass right now, right Ellis ? _0000390   We just did 5 of these trailers for NFI. NFI Can’t forget this …   Jim N Nick had an idea for their new trailer they asked me what I thought,   I said “looks Kosher to me”. Mobile Kitchen Window SideHere’s what they gave us to start with. First we stripped this unit down and threw on the new wrap. Then we started fab’n in the metal work.

The "D" stands for DEEEEEP fried.

The “D” stands for DEEEEEP fried death !!!

   It’s 102 degrees outside and i’m building the awning. This is what happens when you dream about playing drums for Whitesnake and don’t go to college.


                And ended up with this, better than a pig in a poke

                                    (whatever the hell that means).SHACK O MX GRAPHICS ? Yep we do them,   this is my buddy Reid’s kid ( he’s like elf size ) with a custom Jake’s kit.KXF 250 JG REIDS KID-2 We wrapped this guitar for Prince ( yes that Prince ) the guy wanted a really good deal. I want to become so rich that I feel good about being a tight ass. PRINCE -2PRINCE GUITAR